Retail Services

Our Commercial Services is your one-stop destination for complete Commercial Property Maintenance across Australia. With number of service providers nationwide, we provide a truly 24/7 service 365 days a year.

Retail Services

Our Commercial Services can exclusively service your company’s requirements Australia wide all through our appropriate central contact point. From basic day to day running repairs to large scale repairs, or renovation works right down to a de-fit, let our unit look after all of your stores maintenance needs.


As the new season arrives, your store may be in queue for a redesign or an upgrade. Our Commercial Services offer a number of services for your store such as flooring, carpentry, plastering and painting and point of sale. From the initial de-fit of your previous assets, all the way through the installation of your new upgrade or design, we will coordinate with your site managers to make sure minimal disruption and mess.

Make safe

We acknowledge that things go wrong and closing up shop is just not a choice in for several retail stores, so when issue occur, you can bank on our commercial services to provide make-safe solutions to your store so your doors can open on time with minimal disturbance.

Repair and Maintenance

We all recognize how simple it is for things to break, especially in stores with extensive footfall. Our commercial services can go in and repair any problem precisely and around your opening hours to ensure minimal disturbance.


Has your store layout changed or you’re preparing for the new season? Our commercial services can assist you with de-fitting your store ready for the next chapter. With a de-fit, your store can be transformed to better service your customers. We work around the clock to ensure that you will have minimal disruption and your doors can open again as soon as possible. We have years of experience in de-fitting retail stores so you can count on us to get the job done.

Moving sites

There are very little things more stressful than moving your retail store to a new location, but with our commercial services, it doesn’t have to be! From the word go, our team are on hand to project manage your move. We can assist you with the de-fit of your old store, ensuring the property is repaired & maintained ready for your lease handover.

Rubbish removal

Has your store recently undergone a spring clean or had a huge delivery and now have mounds of empty packaging taking up valuable space in your store room? We are here to help! We provide rubbish removal services at very competitive rates. We can remove old packaging, displays and promotional signage, old fixtures, flooring, mannequins and tables & trestles.

Pos Services

Our commercial services provide a vast range of Point of Sale services around Australia.

Commercial Cleaning

Our expert commercial cleaning services exist to take the stress out of getting your office area professionally cleaned on a constant basis. With years of knowledge and experience and over several professional cleaning jobs furnished, there is no other cleaning company better matched to solving all your commercial cleaning requirements.