Maintenance Services


At Fix it Perth, we specialise in the maintenance of various properties in and around Perth. And that is all we execute because we consider it takes local expertise, experience, and a keen eye for detail to set up beautiful homes.


Our team of professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of woodworking techniques and will work with you to provide an impeccable service. We provide a complete range of carpentry services, all the way from the renovation of your current property through to new property builds.


We offer our roofing services to both commercial and domestic clients in Perth. All our roofing repair and installation work comes with a complete assurance. We are fully customised to match your specific needs. Our professionals adhere to all admissible health and safety regulations and we cater throughout Perth and the surrounding areas.


Our Perth painting and Repair Company is comprised of highly skilled and proven painters and decorators since established. In case you require any sort of expert advice about the painting, you can surely depend on the expert opinion of the dedicated and trained painters.


Fencing is surely more than just pointing out the territories of your residence. It can be a facet of security if you have a pool, pets, or children. Assure the fencing around your residence is in supreme format with the assistance of our fencing services.

Tiling & Flooring

Whether you are simply redesigning your current laundry or bathroom, or providing it a complete transformation, our professionals will be able to help your tile and flooring requirements. Your local professional will be able to install brand new tiles, replace the broken ones or clean the existing or cracked tiles.


Our expert handymen are knowledgeable and quick in dealing with general renovation and repairs. Get in touch with one of our skilled professionals and you will get a craftsman able to tackle all forms of everyday jobs.


High quality of workmanship and a thorough attention to detail assures that we exclusively stand out from the rest when it comes to our plastering services. Our prime objective is to cause minimal disturbance to your business or home, and always leave the work arena clean and tidy.

Doors & Windows

As residences age, they settle and move which can cause your frames to move, we refer constant maintenance of your doors and windows to assure the longevity. This could be as easy as wiping all movable elements with a dose of teflon spray or trimming the doors. Any moment your windows and doors start sticking or you feel a draught coming in, give us a call.

Locks & Screens

Whether you require modifying a lock or replace a screen, we can look after all your requirements for locks and screens. If you are moving into a new residence, altering locks are generally one of the prime things on your ‘to-do’ list to make sure your family’s security in your new residence. Our professionals will offer you with a neat finish and assure that your locks are ideally aligned. We can also install or replace screen doors and fly screens. Fix It Perth also looks after re-meshing fly screens on both doors and windows.


A carport is an efficient way to secure your vehicles from excessive weather like heavy downpour, powerful winds, or violent hail. They are also an amazing way to secure your motorbike or car from the day-to-day Australian weather, giving you complete satisfaction for both night and day.

Furniture Assembly

In a recent research, 54.3%* of Aussies stated it took them around 2 – 3 hours to develop their flatpack furniture. Fortunately for you, you can get those valued hours back by employing your local professional to develop your flatpacks for you! We will not only gather your furniture when it is brand new, we will also dismantle both external and internal assets when you relocate house – which is one less thing you require to stress about!

Cubby Houses

We can assist you develop and install your cubby house for a special event involving Christmas and birthdays. There is no opposing that a cubby house will exclusively bring memories for years to come – for both the children and the parents.

Decks and Pergolas

We can assist renovate your current decking or develop a fully new deck prepared for pleasing this summer! The several Australian climate conditions can do excessive amounts of damage to your once alluring deck. Wind, strong UV rays and rain scorching down on your deck, time after time, can hurt the surface fibres, precipitating the timber to wear – becoming tired and old.

Gutter Cleaning

It is crucial to assure your gutters are clean all year round. Your gutters can exclusively become a fire hazard in summer as they become filled with sticks and dry leaves from overhead trees. And in winter, your guttering can eventually cause flooding within the residence as water tips over the gutters and through your internal roofing. Moreover, a lot of junk and water in your gutters can become heavy and cause damage to the gutters themselves, downpipes, roofing, and surrounding structures.

Outdoor Maintenance

We know that every outdoor is unique, so we will customise our service to general outdoor maintenance to match your requirements. The services we provide include measures to keep your outdoor looking good, without any major disruption


Skylights are an extremely famous feature for any property – with good reason! By equipping a skylight, you will need to turn light switches on less, basically saving you electricity costs. Natural light works in a better way to bring out the textures and colours of your artwork and furniture much better than artificial light. Along with that, it can assist enhance your mood and your immune system!

High Pressure Cleaning

Remove mould, dirt, and stains from your premises with a high pressure clean. High pressure cleaning is an affordable way to make the outdoor of your residence appear new again, and it is an amazing way to prepare your residence for professional photography or potential buyers. It will also expel any slippery moss from steps and driveways to avert any nasty falls.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are life saving devices that should be equipped in every residence across Australia. They are exclusively able to detect smoke within an enclosed region well before us – whether we are asleep or awake! There’s no opposing the significance of having these devices, but it is also crucial to assure they are equipped in the correct position within the residence, and just like any other device, smoke alarms need to be maintained and tested to assure they are in ideal working order.

Rubbish removal

Has your store recently undergone a spring clean or had a huge delivery and now have mounds of empty packaging taking up valuable space in your store room? We are here to help! We provide rubbish removal services at very competitive rates. We can remove old packaging, displays and promotional signage, old fixtures, flooring, mannequins and tables & trestles.